Hard Drive With Lou Brutus

Saturday Nights 8:00PM To 10PM


Hosted by rock radio’s most popular and respected talent, Lou Brutus, the show brings listeners

two solid hours of cutting edge new rock music and exclusive interviews with the biggest rock stars.

Full Metal Jackie

Saturday Nights 10PM-Midnight

The best in metal! Jackie plays everything metal and interviews some of the biggest names. Check her out at


The House Of Hair With Dee Snider

Sunday Mornings 6AM-9AM & Sunday Evenings 6PM-9PM

We wanna ROCK!

Join Twisted Sister frontman and legendary hard rock icon Dee Snider

Every week for a three-hour ride into headbangin’ heaven!

Bang your head with your fellow metalheads and The House of Hair.

Check out all your metal favorites – from AC/DC to Zebra,

with the Scorpions, Metallica, Bon Jovi,

Poison and Ozzy Osbourne thrown in too! If it rocks, and it’s historic, it’s on!



Notorious 90’s

Sunday Mornings 9AM-11AM

We take you back to the last decade of the 20th Century!
The Music that Rocked your World!
Plus Comedy Flashbacks & Pop Culture mind-benders!
Itʼs the Soundtrack of your Life!
Hosted by LA Lloyd!